Zymol Screen and Lens Clean Kit


The Zymol Screen & Lens Clean Kit polishes and removes unsightly scratches and yellowing discoloration safely and effectively from all convertible rear windows and headlight covers. Easy to use, simply apply and rub the Zymol Screen & Lens Clean Polish to remove unsightly scratches and discoloration. Then simply rub in the Protective Wax afterwards to prevent future damage to your convertible window or headlight covers. This is a must-have product to own for all convertible owners. If the back window is left untreated, it will eventually start to discolor, harden, and potentially become brittle. Once properly treated, your rear convertible window screen and headlight covers will not discolor or turn yellow ever again!


* Remove Scratches and Yellowing From Rear Plastic Windows of Convertible
* Remove Scratches and Discoloration From Headlight Covers
* Contains Protective Wax To Minimize Any Further Discoloration and Damage
* Made From Natural Ingredients and Won’t Harm You or The Environment
* Can Add Years of Life To Your Convertible Window and Headlight Covers

Kit Includes:

* Screen Clean Polish
* Protective Wax
* Spun Wool Wipes

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