Zymol Metal Brightwork Polish


The Zymol Metal Brightwork Polish was developed specifically for your automotive vehicle. You can use it on all types of metal including stainless steel, aluminum, nickel and others, all of which are susceptible to damage by salt corrosion, engine oils, acids and other environmental exposure. Chromed and plated surfaces need to be treated gently Zymol Metal Brightwork Polish has a special blend of oils that gently remove the tarnish and discoloration caused by exposure to the elements.


* Gently Removes tarnish and discoloration seen from exposure to salt corrosion, engine oils, oxygen and other environmental elements.
* The Zymol Metal Polish leaves a protective barrier while you polish.
* Perfect for grills, bumpers, hood ornaments, door handles and all the other metal accents that distinguish your automobile.
* Ingredients: Highly spun coconut oil, linseed oil and citric d-limonene.

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