Wireless Command Motion Sensor


The Wireless Command Motion Sensor is a remote motion sensor for use with Heath/Zenith Wireless Command products. The motion sensor has an 180 degree detection zone and will control lights up to 100 feet away, inside or outside. Selectable night only or day and night operation. RF tech communication reduces interference and allow customized light groups. Compatible and controls any Wireless Command receiver such as; Wireless Command Motion Activated Indoor Alert System (ZENSL-6019WH) and the Wireless Command Motion Indoor/Outdoor Motion Security Alert System (ZENSL-6029WH). Mounts anywhere inside or out and operates on 2 AA batteries, not included.


* Easy Installation, No Wiring Required
* Controls light on and off up to 100 Feet Away
* Detects Up To 70 Feet Away In a 180° Arc
* Controls Any Wireless Command Receiver Up To 100′ Away
* RF Tech Communication – Reduces interference and allow customized light groups.
* Selectable night only or day/night motion detected
* Motion Sensor Operates On 2 AA Batteries (not included)

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