WhirlyWash Water-Powered Cleaning System


The WhirlyWash Water-Powered Cleaning System By Trillium Worldwide Inc. is a revolutionary water-powered, gear-driven soft bristle brush that attaches to any garden hose to wash cars, trucks, boats, siding, patio furniture, windows and much more! The rotating inner brush is powered by water pressure and the outer brush prevents splashing. The multi-adjustable brush head makes it ideal for cleaning those hard to reach places. The bristles in the see thru brush head are made of super-soft nylon and are safe on even the finest car finish.

The patented 3-Way Control Valve (soap/off rinse) regulates soap flow and conserves water. That means that the WhirlyWash can help reduce water flow rates by as much as 50%! The see-through swivel brush head is fully adjustable and offers 11 different positions for reaching all surfaces to be cleaned. The two extension handles are long enough to reach across most vehicle roofs up to 57 inches when fully assembled.

The WhirlyWash is also very durable, lightweight and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. Use it to wash cars, vans, trucks, RV’s, SUV’s, motorhomes, boats, windows, siding, patio furniture and much more! The 4 oz. soap reservoir efficiently dispenses your favorite brand of liquid car wash or wax to help get the job done.


* 5 Inch Rotating Super-Soft Inner Brush Does The Scrubbing For You.
* Two Extension Handles Are Long Enough To Reach Up To 57 Inches When Fully Assembled.
* Patented 3-Way Control Valve Regulates Soap Flow and Conserves Water.
* See-thru brush head is fully adjustable with 11 positions for reaching all surfaces to be cleaned
* Use the 5-pattern spray nozzle to blast wheel wells, rinse soap or even apply liquid wax

The 5″ rotating inner brush does the scrubbing for you while the 8″ stationary outer brush prevents splashing. Two 16″ plastic-coated aluminum extension handles allow you to easily reach vehicle roofs, siding, soffits and first floor windows. WhirlyWash Water-Powered Cleaning System comes complete with a 5-pattern spray nozzle which can be used for rinsing and for high velocity cleaning of wheel wells, driveways, patios, decks, gutters, garbage containers and even 2nd story windows! Use the shower spray pattern to gently water plants, shrubs and flowers. A free squeegee is included!

WhirlyWash Comes with:

* 8″ Stationary Brush with 5 Inch Rotating Inner Brush
* 5 Way Jet Nozzle
* Two 16 Inch Aluminum Extension Handles
* 4 Ounce Soap Reservoir
* Bonus Streak Free Squeegee

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