Wagan Power Dome 400Watt Multi-Purpose Emergency Power Source

Power Dome 400Watt is a multi-purpose emergency power source. It can be used as a power source for 110volt AC or 12volt DC applications such as computers, TVs, fax machines, audio, fans, electrical tools, etc. It can also start your car engine in an emergency situation. Functions: Portable andamp; Rechargeable Power 2 AC Outlets and 2 DC outlets Multi-functional 260 PSI Air Compressor 600 Amp Cranking Power Jump- Starter 400watt inverter 1000watt surge Charge level indicator Bult-in 5 LEDs worklight Able to power: Laptop(45w): 4.5hr Boom box (23w): 8hr Fax machine (15w): 18hr standby Camcorder (8w): 24hr Video Game (35w): 5.5 hours Portable Refrigerator:(45W) 4.5hr 13in TV (59w): 3hr Power Drill (360w): 1h Built-in Battery: High grade Sealed Lead Acid (Maintenance Free) 18amp-hr Output: 12V DC, 115 volts AC (nominal) Input Charging Source: DC or AC w/included cables Fuse Type: 40 Amps external Charging Time: AC – 34hours DC – 12hours Light source: LED bulb Safety Features: Overload Protection Short Circuit Protection UL Listed Accessories included: AC adapter, DC cigarette adapter Dimensions (inches): 10.5×11.5×8.5 Weight: 18lbs

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