Vector Smart Fully Automatic 2/6/10 AMP Battery Charger
2 AMP Low Rate Charge6 AMP Mid Rate Charge10 AMP High Rate Charge140 Watts of continuous high output charging power Faster: Superior technology is up to 2-3 times faster than traditional chargers. Safer:Prevents damage from reverse hookup, short circuit and overcharging. Smarter: Digital controlled three stage charging ensure maximum 100% charge. Specifications: Stages of Automatic Rapid Charging 3 AC Input Voltage 120 VAC AC Input Frequency 60 Hz AC Input Watts 190 AC Cable Length 6 Ft. Internal Short Circuit Protection Electronic Sensing No spark Cables/Clamps Electronic Sensing DC Cable Length 6 Ft. High Efficiency Power Conversion Technology High Frequency Power On/Off Indicator LED Automatic Stop on Fault Detection and Indicator LED Charging Complete Indicator LED Reverse Polarity Indicator LED Lightweight, High Efficiency Design 4 lbs (1.87 Kg) Height 8.0 in Width 8.5 in Depth 5.0 in Warranty 5 Year Limited

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