Vector Roadside Power Pack Kit Compact Jumpstarter/Inflator
Designed to be the ideal work, emergency and recreation power source by powering DC appliances on the road, at the beach or wherever your travels take you. It can also be used with other Vector 12 volt DC cordless, portable, rechargeable appliances rated at 12 amps maximum. An accessory outlet is provided for use with appliances that are compatible. The DC accessory outlet also allows for DC recharging from a vehicle or other 12 volt source. Twin LED area light (located on the center of the control panel) will provide proper lighting while changing a tire of connecting the Compact Elite to a battery. Area light can operate continuously for 50 hours on a fully charged battery. Cordless/rechargeable, includes AC and DC charging adapters Includes non-spillable, heavy duty, nine amp hour, sealed, lead-acid battery. Requires no maintenance (other than recharging) for optimum operation. Exclusive cable storage channels that keep jumper cables out of the way until they are needed. Easy-to-read LED battery charge status display-activated by pressing charge status button and automatically activated during AC recharge. Includes heavy-duty nylon carry bag Includes adaptor nozzle set

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