Vector MAXX 750 Watt Power Inverter

The Vector MAXX 750 Watt Power Inverter connects directly to your 12 Volt DC battery, to provide 6.5 amps of 110 Volt AC current whenever and wherever you need it. Unique heat sink, ducted airflow with a high efficiency fan motor to more effectively cool key components. The Vector MAXX Power Inverter also featuring SST (Soft Start Technology) ensures smooth start-up of tools and appliances and Noise-Free Technology prevents TV buzz, snow & static lines! The Vector MAXX 750 Watt Power Inverter runs medium duty AC powered electronic equipment, including TV/VCR combinations, Video Games, Stereo Systems, Computers, shop tools, and more.


* 750 Watts Continuous Power
* 1500 Watts Surge Capacity (peak power)
* Featuring SST Technology Ensures Smooth Start-Up of Tools and Appliances
* Noise-Free Technology Prevents TV buzz, Snow & Static Lines
* Two AC Receptacles
* Includes DC Cables For Direct Battery Connection
* Internal High-Speed Cooling Fan
* High/Low Voltage Protection
* Overload protection
* Low battery Alarm, Low Battery Shutdown
* Short Circuit Protection


* Maximum Efficiency: Approximately 90%
* No-Load Draw: < 0.4 Amp
* Output Wave Form: Modified Sinewave
* Input Voltage Range: 10.6 -15.5 VDC
* Output Voltage Range: 110 VAC 60 Hz
* Low Voltage Alarm: 10.6 Volts
* Low Voltage Shutdown: 10.0 Volts Auto Reset
* Thermal Shutdown: Auto Reset

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