Vector 450 AMP Jump-Start System w 260 Psi Inflator
450 Amp Instant Starting Power 260 PSI Inflator 12 Volt DC Portable Power Supply with 23 amp overload safety feature Portable, Cordless, Rechargeable On/Off Power Switch Recharging Port Built-in area worklight with twin ultra bright intensit LEDs for roadsiderepairs and use in remote locations without utility power Compressor Power Switch Rugged negative (Black) and positive (Red) jumper cable and clamp Analog pressure guage Inflation Adapters (nozzles) 260 PSI inflator air hose and tire chuck Sturdy, unique compact design provides complete portable 12 Volt DC power Safe to use, transport and store. Includes audible reverse polarity alarm Molded high-impact case is tough and durable Only maintenance required for optimum operation: Recharging in accordance with manual

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