VDC BatteryMINDer Charger-Maintainer-Desulphator-Conditioner

12-Volt 2, 4, or 8 Amp Charger-Maintainer-Desulphator-ConditionerModel 12248 is a 3-stage Constant Current – Constant voltage – Float mode charger maintainer-desulphator (conditioner) that extends both the performance and life of all type / size/ brands of 12-Volt batteries. These include all maintenance-free, marine-RV deep cycle, Gel, AGM dry types, as well as spiral wound constructed sealed types such as Optima, Odyssey, Exide, Interstate brands. Push-button selector for AGM, Gel and Flooded (filler caps) types ensures 100% compliance with all leading battery manufacturers specifications. The BatteryMINDer automatically dissolves power-robbing sulphation crystals using safe, low voltage, high frequency U.S. Patented pulse technology Features: Safely charges 70% – 200% faster than any/all known conventional constant voltage chargers. Guaranteed 100% full charge to ALL TYPE / SIZE / BRAND 12-Volt batteries, without ever overcharging them. Maximizes cycle life and performance of all three (3) types* of lead-acid storage batteries, regardless of size / type / brand. Push button selectable type and charge rates for all size / type / brands of 12- Volt batteries, including flooded (filler caps), sealed Absorb Glass Mat (AGM), Gel, Interstate, Exide andamp;Optima branded spiral-cell constructed dry batteries. 3 Stage (constant current bulk- constant voltage absorption-pulse width modulated float) ensures 100% full charge capacity of all battery types. Full Time random sweep desulphation**.Desulphates faster and more effectively than any known charger or stand-alone desulphator-conditioner. Spark-proof, short circuit, reverse polarity and over-temperature protected. Automatically detects defective batteries and rejects them. Polarity reversal-Error indicator. Auto-reset thermal breaker (protects both battery and charger under abnormal conditions such as a shorted cell and /or excessively high ambient temperatures) Manual override for maintenance- desulphation only long term storage mode. Rejects a damaged or open cell (shorted) battery. Watertight enclosure with conformal-coated protected circuitry. Extremely light weight (andlt; 2 lbs.) compact size- 5.5 x 5.5 x 2.25. This unit comes with clips andamp; round eyelets only, no cig plug or temp. sensor Portable or OnBoard mountable. Built-in battery condition indicators: detect and display charge level modes, charge retention and existence of sulphation. Automatic temperature compensation w/ optional battery temperature sensor. Sensor can be used to detect and adjust chargers output voltage depending on temperature, extending battery life and performance by more than 100%***. 1 year 100% Money back Guarantee plus 5 year no hassle warranty through VDC Electronics. VDC Electronics ( the manufacturer), guarantees model 12248 will significantly increase your batterys life well beyond any known battery charger currently on the market. If for any reason you do not find this to be true VDC will, up to one year after date of purchase, refund 100% of your money, including any taxes or shipping costs ****. * Flooded (filler caps), maintenance-free sealed AGM and Gel. ** U.S. Patented*** When compared to non at the battery temperature compensated chargers or ambient sensing types. **** Requires registration of product within 10 days of date of purchase and is non-transferable.

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