TurtleWax Platinum Series Tire Gel

Turtle Wax Platinum Series Tire Gel is a long lasting tire dressing that spreads easily over the sidewall to give your tires a deep black, wet-look shine. The unique, custom applicator allows for precise application without any messy overspray onto body panels and unlike spray products, will not leave sports on your driveway. This advanced formula provides uniform shine and will not spin-off onto your car’s body panels. Extreme wet-look shine Outlasts spray tire dressings No spin-off or sling onto body panels Directions Wash tires first. Lightly dip applicator into Platinum Series High Shine Tire Gel and apply slowly to tire, spreading evenly over sidewall surface. Work product into lettering and grooves on sidewall rubber. Let penetrate slowly 10-15 minutes to prevent spin-off.

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