TurtleWax Ice Spray Detailer

A New Level Of Car Care Introducing the most innovative breakthrough in car care technology ever created for making your car shine. ICE Synthetic Spray Detailer uses a unique synthetic polymer formula to remove light soils and produce a brilliant mirror-like shine on today’s car finishes. Guaranteed. No Streaking or Smearing With conventional spray waxes, multiple applications can result in heavy streaking and a smeary appearance. ICE Synthetic Spray Detailer gives your car an incredible shine with minimal effort. ICE can be applied to direct sunlight without streaking. Unbeatable Shine and Protection ICE Synthetic Spray Detailer provides showroom quality shine, a slick surface, and an unbeatable layer of protection. ICE can also be applied to exterior plastic, rubber and vinyl trim for a rich shine with no white residue. Perfect for boosting shine in between wax applications!

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