Turtle Wax Micro Fiber Chenille and Scrub Sponge


The Turtle Wax Micro Fiber Chenille & Scrub Sponge combines the cleaning qualities of chenille with micro fiber technology. Millions of tiny micro fibers trap and lift dust and dirt gently without scratching or damaging the cars finish. The scrubbing sponge is perfect for bugs and tar and also made of micro fiber and it is perfectly safe for all finishes including clear coats. Micro fiber is a revolutionary fiber that contains hundreds of thousands of microscope “hooks” per square inch which are 100 times finer than a human hair. This increased surface area makes micro fibers superior to traditional products like cotton or terry towels and ideal for detailing functions.


* One Large Micro Fiber Sponge For Washing.
* One Micro Fiber Sponge Has Scrubbing Mesh For Bugs and Tar.
* Micro Fibers Lift Off Dirt Gently and Safely Without Scratching.

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