Turtle Wax Ice Spray Detailer and Liquid Polish Combo

Exclusively from Turtle Wax, the Worldwide leader in caring for your car’s appearance. The first Ultra Premium, super slick car polish that works on virtually EVERY surface of YOUR CAR! New Turtle Wax ICE not only delivers an exceptional mirror-like shineto your car’s finish. ICE brings incredible luster AND shine to: All Painted Surfaces Chrome Plastic andamp; Rubber Trim Even Wheels It actually restores and refinishes dull, faded trim and painted surfaces – with no chalky white deposits. And new patent-pending Turtle Wax ICE is easy to apply AND even easier to remove! The Turtle Wax ICE is formulated with clear-cleaning, clear-drying, lubricating polymers that offer INCREDIBLE Protection from the sunlight and elements! … PLUS, these polymers stay fluid in all temperatures so removal of ICE is never a problem. EVEN in direct sunlight! Turtle Wax ICE goes on clear and stays clear – Offering shine and protection for up to 6 months or 20 Car Washes!

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