The Softoss – Microfiber Detailing Wipes
The softoss is a unique, diposable, non-woven microfiber detailing wipe. Ultra-soft, super-absorbent, For any type of polishing or waxing around auto, home, marine and especially handy when traveling. Eight softoss wipes are included in this package. Free yourself from dirty rags and towels – wax anywhere – softoss eliminates washing your waxing/detailing towels. New NON-WOVEN microfiber technology produces tremendous porosity – for quick and easy wax removal/wiping. Disposable, absorbent, ultra-soft, safe for delicate surfaces – a new technology comes to you exclusively from CleanTools the company that brings you inthe absorberin and inthe glosserin. The convenient size of softoss maxes waxing and detailing quick and easy – anytime, anywhere. NO HUNTING FOE CLEAN TOWELS – NO TOWELS TO WASH AFTERWARDS! softoss Safely removes wax quickly and completely. Wipes moldings clean – thin enough for small corners. Fast and easy on interior surfaces. Easily cleans glass and mirrors. softoss Detailing Wipes will safely lift, and remove contaminants from all types of delicate finishes. Each wipe is 22in x 13in. Handy package stores easily in your trunk, glove compartment, on your boat, or with cleaning supplies. Cost effective vs. regular detailing wipes or rags – no washing and drying needed. One time use provides unbeatable convenience.

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