The Presuader Xtreme Horn Set by Wolo

The Persuader Xtreme electric horn set is two trumpets that are 100% stainless steel 304 non-magnetic grade with a bright polished finish that will not rust. Trumpets are designed for mounting either next to each other or mounting independently in two different locations. Will provide years of dependable maintenance free service. Engineered for exterior use in almost any weather condition. The Persuader Xtreme does not require a compressor or hoses, saving time and money. Ideal for any 12-volt vehicle such as; trucks, RV’s or boats in fresh or salt-water environments. Includes a stainless steel adjustable trumpet support to prevent vibration. Comes complete with rubber gasket and stainless steel mounting hardware.


* Long Trumpet: L 18-1/2 in. x W 4 in. x 4-1/2 in.
* Short Trumpet: L 15-1/2 in. x W 4 in. x 4-1/2 in.
* 116 Decibels – 330 / 408 Hz

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