The Original California Wax N’ Dry Detailing Kit
The Original California Wax N’ Dry Detailing Kit combines the revolutionized method of drying your vehicle with the Original California Water Blade with high quality wet wax spray. This kit includes a dry blade and an 18 oz. bottle of spray wax specially formulated for use with blade dryers. How does it work? Simply wash your car as usual, but before drying it with the Original California Dry Blade or Water Blade spray the Wax N’ Dry wet spray onto the surface as directed and then dry it with the Dry Blade or Water Blade. The special blend of water-reactive polymers and waxes in the Wax N’ Dry spray will create that just waxed wet look, and the efficiency of the Dry Blade or Water Blade with not only dry 90% of your vehicle in 1/3 the time and eliminate the mess of chamois and towels, it will also serve to work the waxes into the pores of the paint to produce lasting protection and a brilliant shine. Is it safe? The soft and flexible medical grade silicone construction of the Dry Blade and the patented T-Bar edge that is included in the kit creates a drying device that will not harm the surface while easily and completely removing water and the excess wax. The waxing and drying system is so unique it is covered by a process patent which incorporates the use of the wet wax spray in conjunction with the Dry Blade, Water Blade, or any squeegee type drying device. Original California Wax N’ Dry Features: Wax specially formulated for use with blade dryers Unique blend of water reactive polymers and waxes Works great with soft drying cloths Saves time, labor, and leaves a brilliant shine Soft flexible medical grade silicone will not scratch Patented T-Bar edge easily removes water Save yourself time and labor while giving your car a brilliant shine!

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