The Glove Washing System
The Glove makes car washing not only faster and easier, but better – helping to preserve the paintwork and wax, and virtually eliminating any chance of scratching. No more messy wash buckets. Pre-rinse, wash and rinse your vehicle all with the flick of a lever. The refillable soap bottle mixes automatically with the durable, soft wash pad making it safe for all paint types. Ideal for washing cars, trucks and boats. The Ultimate in Vehicle Cleaning! What’s wrong with the old bucket and hose system? or a carwash? The old bucket and hose system is hard work: a tedious, back-bending two or three-stage process. It’s also risky. As the water mixture and the cloth both get dirtier, you can easily rub in some of the dirt you’ve just removed. The hard nylon bristles in service station carwashes (inweed-eatersin, as they have been known to be called!) may have given way to softer flaps of cloth, but like the rag in the bucket, they can still gather and vigorously reapply some of the dirt, and the latest inno-touchin water jet machines can use caustic detergents that remove the wax along with the dirt. Does inthe Glovein overcome the drawbacks of other methods? Connect inthe Glovein to your faucet (the Glove is supplied with 12 feet – 4 meters hose), fill the refillable bottle with your favorite Car Wash, slip on the mitt, move the lever to the wash position, and the wash is automatically mixed with water in just the right proportions, to a soft lather and continuously flows from the soft flock material of the mitt. The water tube feels almost weightless, and the system continually rinses the fine brush-like surface of the Glove so no dirt can be reapplied! Is it difficult to use inthe Glovein? Washing with inthe Glovein is almost effortless. Flick the lever and the mixer head becomes a hose, spraying out a low-volume, high-pressure flat fan of water to rinse off the car. The spray is like a liquid squeegee, making the rinse equally fast and easy…..and there’s no more moving and lifting the bucket! Best of all, this system is safe on all paint surfaces. Those who have have tried the Glove will never return to the bucket and hose or the service station carwash, and their cars look like new. The Glove is essential for all car lovers, and for everyone who wants great results quickly.

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