The Glosser Car Wax Wipes
Glosser wipes add gloss to cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RV’s and other vehicles. One wipe is big enough to shine a mid-size car! Five (5) wipes per pack. The secret behind the Glosser is our exclusive triceraphilic microfiber technology. Two outer microfiber layers gently remove and suspend dirt, while middle ceraphilic layer dispenses cleaners and waxes. As you wipe, cleaners and waxes are slowly released for even coverage, beautifying and protecting your paint surface. The special microfiber and lubricants ensure that you won’t scratch your car in the process. No water or towels required Cleaners and waxes are right in the wipes! Great for clear coat and conventional paint finishes THE EASY, NEW, WATERLESS WAY TO GIVE YOUR CAR THAT LAST MINUTE QUICK DETAIL!

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