The Drying Glosser – Drying Wipe with Wax
New microfiber technology shines and waxes while you’re drying your car. Car wax manufacturers recommend microfiber towels versus terry cloth towels. the Drying glosser is a non-woven microfiber drying wipe with wax inside. The wax is activated by the water as you wipe off your car. Two patented non-woven microfiber wipes are included in this box. As you dry your car use the Drying glosser to remove water. Use to dry entire car, including chrome, glass (except windshield) headlights, and tailights, etc. Wring out product as needed. Then stand back and enjoy the shine! Each cloth can be used 3 to 5 times. the Drying glosser won’t scratch. It’s safe for delicate clear coats. The patented wax will not harm or interfere with other protective waxes or treatments. Think of it as added protection for your car. Keep your car looking its best Use like any other drying towel Wring out when soaked Can be used again When wipe is dirty, or no longer effective – simply throw away Can be used as a soft polishing cloth NOTE: Use of wax products has been proven to protect painted surfaces.

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