Slime Smart Spair Tire Sealant Kit

The Slime Smart Spair Tire Sealant Kit with Fibro-Seal technology is the safest and most effective tire sealant available on the market today! The Smart Spair Kit comes with everything you need to quickly repair your tires. The included high-power 300 PSI air compressor can fully inflate a compact tire in just 10 minutes or less. The Smart Spair Kit is compact and perfect to keep in any car, truck, van or SUV. Once installed, the Slime Tire Sealant seeks out and can repair punctures up to 1/4 inch. This advanced sealant technology utilizes a unique formula blend of fibers and clotting agents that prevent and repair most puncture-related flats. Slime remains liquid, evenly coating the inside tire wall surface and escaping air forces the Slime into the punctured hole where it creates a long-lasting, flexible plug from the inside-out. Slime Tire Sealant with Fibro-Seal technology works continuously and is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-aerosol and cleans up with water.


* Prevents and Repairs Flats Tubeless Tires
* Seals Punctures Instantly
* Repair Punctures Up To 1/4 Inch
* Fibro-Seal Technology
* Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic and Non-Aerosol
* Works Continuously, puncture after puncture
* Cleans up easily with water

How Does Slime Work?:

After removing the valve core, Slime is squeezed into the tire through the valve stem. Once installed into the tire, Slime remains liquid, evenly distributed by centrifugal force. When a puncture occurs, the escaping air forces Slime with Fibro-Seal technology in the puncture wound to seal the puncture.

Fibro-Seal Technology:

The Slime chemists have developed a state of the art system of environmentally friendly fibers, binders, polymers and proprietary congealing agents that inter-twine and clot to seal punctures up to 1/4″ (6mm) in tubeless tires and 1/8″ (3mm) in tube tires.

Slime Tire Sealant with Fibro-Seal technology works continuously and is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-aerosol and cleans up with water. This Fibro-Seal lattice, together with the viscous transportation system which seeks out and tightly packs itself into any puncture area, preventing and repairing flats with a flexible long lasting plug.

Easy To Use:

* 1. The black cap from the Slime bottle is a valve core remover tool. Unscrew this tool from the top of the cap, and use it to remove the valve core from inside the tire valve stem.
* 2. Attach the provided filler tube to both the bottle and valve stem. Squeeze in the recommended amount of sealant.
* 3. Screw valve core back into tire valve stem.
* 4. Inflate tire to recommended air pressure indicated on the outside of your tire. Spin the tire to distribute sealant to the puncture area if being used as a repair.

Smart Spair Kit Includes:

* Slime Tire Sealant 16 oz.
* High-Power 12 Volt 300 PSI Air Compressor
* 2’ Air Hose with Quick-Clip
* 10’ Power Cord with A/C Adapter for any Power
Accessory Outlet
* Valve Core Removal Tool & Filler Tube
* 5-50 PSI Tire Pressure Pencil Gauge
* Tools and Adapters for Tires, Balls, Beach Toys,
Air mattresses, Inflatables
* Complete Instructions

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