Simoniz Cyclone Power Wash

Are you fed up wasting your weekend washing your car? Then throw in the towel and kick the bucket now! The Simoniz Cyclone Power Wash is the incredible wash and soap system that combines the cleaning muscle of a professional power wash with a revolutionary wash and wax formula that never needs drying! The Simoniz Cyclone Power Wash features a special Wash & Soap formula that never needs scrubbing or rubbing! An adjustable multi-spray head is included for rinsing and wax. The Cyclone is perfect for everything from washing autos, boats & RV’s. Ideal for waxing your car, cleaning your patios, decks, house siding, windows, shutters, sidewalks and even water the lawn and garden too! The deeper cleaning power disintegrates stubborn dirt and road grime. Dries to a spot free finish when used with Simoniz self drying car wash. Start cleaning more effectively today!


* Simple To Use, Wash and Soap Your Car At The Same Time
* Faster and More Effective Than Traditional Garden Hose and Save Water
* Deep Cleaning Power Disintegrates Stubborn Dirt and Road Grime
* Perfect for everything from washing autos, boats & RV’s
* Ideal For Washing Cars, Cleaning Patios, Decks, House Siding, Windows,
Shutters, Sidewalks and More
* EZ Extend Handle Eliminates Bending, Reaching and Straining
* Dries to a spot free finish when used with Simoniz Self Drying Car Wash
* Brushless System Never Touches Car’s Finish
* Multi-Spray Attachment with 4 Settings Included (Power, Full, Flat & Mist Wash)

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