Reflective Vest With 16 Flashing LED Lights 

This highly reflective vest is lined with 16 bright LED lights. The lights opperate on 2 AA batteries. A switch allows you to select flashing, on, or off for the lights.

Safety Vest Features:

  • Be seen early by passing cars to help prevent accidents.
  • Great for joggers, walkers, bikers, construction workers, or anyone who is out at night.
  • 16 LED lights (8 on front and 8 on back) flash approximately 150 times per minute.
  • Visible from up to 2,500 feet (800 meters).
  • Highly reflective fluorescent material.
  • Flexible lightweight mesh with hook-and-loop closures.
  • 8.5 ounces (without batteries installed).
  • One size fits all.

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