Rain-X Self Dry Car Wash


The Rain-X Self Dry Car Wash is formulated to save you time and energy by minimizing the job of towel drying your car, truck, van or SUV. The patented technology treats the surface, causing water to simply sheet away, allowing the vehicle to dry with minimal to almost no water spots. Rain-X Self Dry Car Wash generates a high foam solution containing high quality surfactants. After the dirt and road grime is removed your vehicle’s shine will be restored. Save for all paint finishes and clearcoats.


* Save time with Rain-X Self Dry Car Wash by virtually eliminating the drying step!
* Patented technology makes the water sheet away allowing the car to dry itself without spotting or streaking.
* Rich foam Acts Quickly To Dissolve and Lift Off Dirt and Road Grime
* Formulated For All Automotive Paint Finishes, Including Clearcoats.
* Will Not Strip or Dull Waxed Surfaces.
* Contains 21 fl. oz.

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