P21S Concours-Look Carnauba Paste Wax

P21S Concours – Look Carnauba Wax – There’s a lot of witchcraft in the paste wax business these days. The fact is, you can spend a lot of money, expend a lot of energy and when all is said and done, not really have gotten your money’s worth. In developing our P21S Paste Wax, we took a hard look at the available products on the market, and asked ourselves what we could do better. Two areas we addressed were firstly, the tendency of easy-to-use waxes to streak upon rub out and secondly, their habit of leaving white stains a day later on plastic and rubber. People who have tried our wax tell us that we’ve succeeded on both fronts while delivering a dynamite shine. One well-known automotive journalist recently wrote that he had been massaging one of his magazine’s test vehicles with P21S Paste wax andquot;…until it’s brilliant black paint looked deeper than a diamond mine.andquot; We think that you’ll find our P21S Paste Wax outperforms waxes that cost more, even much more. With no dyes, perfumes or andquot;fruityandquot; additives, you’ll also get the opportunity to see, feel and smell what natural paste wax is really like. For best results, buff out P21S wax using a good quality micro fiber towel. P21S Paste Wax big winner in independent wax test!!! For years folks have been telling us how well P21S Concours – look Paste Wax works for them.andnbsp; Now an independent test group shows why!andnbsp; P21S Carnauba Paste Wax was recently tested along with 45 other car waxes by an independent group of enthusiasts (Guru Reports).andnbsp; P21S was ranked as the highest paste wax in the testing and was the only wax to receive andquot;Aandquot; grades in the areas of initial shine, gloss, depth, color enhancement and overall impression.andnbsp; P21S Paste Wax received an andquot;Editors Choiceandquot; rating and the report stated that andquot;no other carnauba (and we mean none) has that wholesome look that P21S has… don’t delay – buy some P21S immediatelyandquot;.

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