Outdoor Solar-Powered Motion-Activated LED Security Spotlight


The Outdoor Solar-Powered Motion-Activated LED Security Spotlight By Maxsa Innovations is a great security and safety device for any home, garage, trailer home or apartment. Protect your family and visitors while adding a level of security to your home. The Outdoor Solar-Powered Motion-Activated LED Security Spotlight turns on automatically when it detects movement, so guests won’t have to walk up to a dark home, and potential intruders won’t be able to! Best of all, it’s powered by the sun, so you can place one anywhere around your house, and you won’t need to run an unsightly power cord to the light.


* Solar Powered. No electrician needed for installation and no operating costs.
* Perfect for porches, doorways, or around the house.
* Light automatically turns on when motion is detected at night. Adjustable PIR sensor detects motion within 180 degrees and up to 35 feet away. Super bright LED with silver reflector creates bright illumination in the coverage area.
* Time duration can be set from 10 seconds to 4 minutes.
* Time, motion sensitivity, and LUX (daylight sensitivity) adjustments.
* When charged in full sunlight, light can activate up to 180 times when on for 60 seconds at a time.
* Easy DIY installation. No wiring. No electrician needed.
* Uses free energy from the sun. No operating costs.
* Adjustable swivel head and sensor.
* Durable weatherproof housing.
* 9 foot cable allows ideal location for solar panel and lets you mount the light inside, if desired.
* Includes three 1.2V 900 mAh NiMh rechargeable batteries.

Easy To Setup:

Set the solar panel up on your roof or a high, sunlit wall. The sun will charge the internal solar batteries that power the motion-sensor light, which can be mounted up to 9 feet away, thanks to the included cord that connects it to the solar panel. When it detects movement, this solar-powered motion-sensor light will turn on instantly, staying on for the length of time you specify.

What’s Included:

* Solar panel mounting bracket
* Adjustable support
* 9-foot cable
* Solar panel
* Main battery unit
* Transparent light cover
* PIR motion sensor
* Mounting hardware and Instructions

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