One-For-All Universal Remote Control

Take complete control of all your home entertainment component devices with the One-For-All Universal Remote Control. Now is your chance to put away all of your other remotes once and for all. The One-For-All Universal Remote can consolidates up to 8 devices at one time including: TV, VCR, DVD Player, Digital Cable Box, Satellite, CD Player, Receiver or Amplifier, plus an Auxiliary device. A Home Theater Configure key can power all devices ON/OFF simultaneously! No matter how you upgrade or change your home entertainment components, the remote will always stay up-to-date to current technology through One-For-All’s customer service. The remote features an easy to read LCD display, backlit keypads, picture-in-picture, surround sound functions and a macro functions with full learning capability allows this remote to learn codes from your existing remotes. You can also skip through commercials at the press of a button and have up to 10 favorite channels.


* The Only Remote Control You Will Ever Need.
* Controls Up To Eight Devices
* Full learning capabilities and upgradeable technology
* Easy-To-Read Backlit Keypads and LCD Display
* Simultaneously Turn ON/OFF All Devices
* Dedicated Menu Keys For Satellite and Digital Cable Box’s
* Permanent Memory Retention During Battery Changes
* Requires (4) AAA Batteries (Not Included)

Remote Functions: Menu Guide/Info/Exit, 10 Favorite Channels, Previous Channel, Home Theater Configure Key, Commercial Skip, Picture-In-Picture, Surround Sound Functions, Sleep Timer, Sound Mute, Macro Functions


* Audio Amplifier
* Audio Receiver
* CD Player
* Digital Cable Box
* DVD Player
* Home Theater Amp
* Misc Auxiliary Audio
* Satellite
* TV

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