Octane Boost 104+ (16 oz.)

Octane Boost 104+ increases the octane effect up to 5 points. Restores horsepower for more power and a smoother running engine, eliminates hesitation and stalling and smoothes rough idle. Improves the performance of any fuel, even super unleaded and reformulated gas blended with methanol and ethanol. Stops engine knocks, pings, run-on and overheating caused by low octane fuel. Cleans fuel injectors, carburetors, intake manifolds and fuel lines. Safe for fuel cells, liners, gaskets, o-rings, catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Does not contain lead, alcohol, aniline, toluene or MTBE. Effect lasts two tankfuls. One bottle treats up to 16 gallons. For offroad use only.

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