Nu Vinyl Protectant
Nu Vinyl Protectant is the only vinyl protectant that requires no buffing or rubbing and lasts for months, no other vinyl protectant even comes close! Nu Vinyl Protectant provides long lasting protection and shine to vinyl and rubber auto and household products. The easy to use one-step formula penetrates to protect, beautify, and restore vinyl and leather upholstery, dashboards, tires, weather-stripping, and more. It dries to a hard, flexible film that won’t attract dirt. One treatment lasts for months. Nu Vinyl Protectant Features: Lasts longer than any other protectant No rubbing or buffing Protects, enhances and weatherproofs 16 oz. spray bottle andquot;I don’t think that there is any other vinyl or leather product on the market that can come close to Nu Vinyl. The no rubbing, no buffing feature to your protectant is awesome. You have a loyal customer for life now!andquot; -Jack Sauerbier, Raleigh, NC

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