Nu Finish Car Care Kit Gift Pack
The Nu Finish Car Care Kit Gift Pack combines three great items into one complete car care package. It makes the perfect gift for the car enthusiast, a family member, friend, or just about anyone else! This kit includes: Nu Finish Car Wash (16 oz.), Nu Vinyl (7¾ oz.), and the Nu Finish Car Polish (16 oz.) Nu Finish Car Care Kit Includes: Nu Finish Car Polish (16 oz.) Nu Finish is the once a year car polish that three consumer magazines rated #1. It’s so tough that even 52 automatic car washes won’t hurt the long lasting Nu Finish shine. Nu Finish contains absolutely no wax, and won’t scratch your clear coat finish. So new, so unique – you can even apply it in the sun. There’s no other formula like it. It’s guaranteed! Nu Vinyl (7¾ oz.) Nu Vinyl, a space age polymer, will provide a clear, long lasting shield of protection to vinyl and rubber items. Unlike other products, Nu Vinyl dries immediately to a hard film so there is absolutely no rubbing or buffing. One treatment lasts for months. Protects, beautifies and resotres vinyl and leather upholstery, tires, dashboards, sporting goods, luggage and more. Nu Finish Car Wash Nu Finish Car Wash won’t leave a hazy soapy film because it’s not a soap. It won’t remove wax or dull your car’s finish because, unlike household dishwasher or laundry detergents, it contains no alkalis or ammonia. Revolutionary Nu Finish Car Wash features an exclusive formula that safely washes away dirt, grease and salt. One bottle is enough for 32 car washes.

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