NicSand Professional Surface Restoring Formula 5 Minute Repair Pads
NicSand Surface Restoring 5 Minute Repair Professional Formula Packages are each comprised of Six 3in Presaturated Foam Repair Pads that are saturated with the formula required for surface restoration (6 different formulas available – see below) and a 2 3/4in Backup Pad. You simply place a foam repair pad on the backup pad and supply a standard household drill (cordless or electric) and a spray bottle of plain tap water. NicSand 5 Minute Repair Pads are Chemical Free and Made in the USA! The manufacturer, NicSand, offers a Triple Guarantee for this product! TO REALLY WORK: This polishing formala was developed for and is used in the Prescription Optical Inductry. A 1.2 micron mineral (smaller than the human eye can see) is formulated to restore and improve your surface. The natural laws of PHYSICS assure permanent results every time. TO BE SAFE: No Silica, Silicone, Petrol Chemicals, Acids, Waxes, Clay Fillers or Chemicals that can be hazardous to you or the environment. Totally Water Based. TO BE FAST andamp; EASY: The surface restoring formula has been saturated into the foam polishing pad in a precise formula to complete your project in less than 5 minutes using a standard household drill. Only water clean up is required. CCPPOL-100 POL-200 POL-300 5 Minute Optical Polish for Auto Lenses 5 Minute Scratch Remover for Clear Coats 5 Minute Auto Glass Resurfacing for Windshields andnbsp; POL-400 POL-500 POL-600 5 Minute Metal Restorer for All Metals 5 Minute Bluing Restorer for Chrome Pipes 5 Minute Clear Plastic Restorer for Plastic Windows

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