Neon Signs with Custom Art and Logos

Show your style with these impressive looking Neon Signs exclusively from On The Edge Marketing! EL Glow Neon Signs are “animated” using several Electro-Luminescent panels. These panels light up separately to simulate motion such as spelling words and flashing of text and graphics.

These stylish Neon Signs will create a perfect theme for your garage, basement, bar, game room or family room. Hang it in a window, set it on the counter or mount it on the wall.

* Stylish bright high quality Neon Signs.
* Animated (Flashing) Electro-Luminescent Glow Neon.
* Easy to install – Simply hang it and plug in the power cords.
* Uses less power than a standard 75 Watt bulb.
* Powered by a safe, lightweight solid state transformer.
* Neon tube is cool, quiet and energy efficient.
* 6 feet AC power cord.

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