Mr. Thirsty Super Absorbent Synthetic Towel
The perfect companion for The Original California Water Blade, inMr. Thirstyin absorbs water like nothing else. It’s great for drying those hard-to-squeegee areas like grilles, mirrors, and recessed areas. And because it indrinksin up to 5 times its weight in water, inMr. Thirstyin doesn’t need to be wrung out after every pass. After washing, The Original California Water Blade will dry virtually an entire vehicle in 1/3 the time and without the mess of chamois or towels. Use inMr. Thirstyin to finish the job quickly and efficiently. inMr. Thirstyin is also quite handy in the home to clean up spills and many other jobs. Package includes (2) 1-3/4 square foot washable and reusable inMr. Thirstyin towels. From the makers of the California Water Blade and California Car Duster.

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