MotorGear Scooter Covers

The MotorGear Scooter Cover is an all-purpose compact travel cover that protects your scooters from weather, dirt, UV rays and pollution. The cover features a strong Silver-Tech fabric that can pack compactly for travel and resists fading. Fits in under seat storage or a backpack. The MotorGear Scooter Cover also features a metallic interior gold heat shield panels protects cover from hot exhaust pipes and a elasticized bottom hem for a fast and custom-like fit combined with a lockable bottom. Available in 2 sizes. Fits most scooters small or large. By Classic Accessories.


* Protects Scooters From Weather, Dirt, UV Rays and Pollution
* Strong Silver-Tech Fabric Packs Compactly For Travel and Resists Fading
* Metallic Gold Heat Shield Panels Protect The Cover From Hot Pipes
* Elasticized Bottom Hem For a Fast and Custom-Like Fit
* Fits In Under Seat Storage or a Backpack
* Never-Lose-It Attached Storage Bag with Attachment Strap
* Includes Two Elastic Tie-Down Cords That Hold The Cover Tight Across The Bottom

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