MotoGear Motorcycle Tank Bag

The MotoGear Motorcycle Tank Bag By Classic Accessories is an expandable cargo bag for mettallic tanks on sport and other types of motorcycles. Made of heavy-duty UV ray resistant ProtekX Extreme fabric shell with PVC backing for maximum weather and abrasion protection with scratch resistant non-slip bottom. The bag features a clear top map pocket for easy viewing of maps and directions. Foam panels provide structure and protect your gear. The MotoGear Motorcycle Tank Bag can fit a wide variety of motorcycles by using adjustable straps and quick release buckles and magnets.


* Heavy-Duty UV Ray Resistant ProtekX Extreme Fabric Shell with
PVC Backing For Maximum Weather and Abrasion Protection
* Expandable zippered cargo compartment
* Clear top map pocket for easy viewing of maps and directions
* Scratch resistant non-slip bottom
* Foam Panels Provide Structure and Protect Your Gear
* Reflective Trim
* Fit’s a Wide Variety of Motorcycles Using Adjustable Straps and
Quick Release Buckles and Magnets.
* Two Year Manufacturer Warranty

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