Mothers PowerBall Mini w/ 10 Extension
Polish in the smallest places with this miniature PowerBall! If youre a fan of Mothers products, youve heard of the PowerBall. You probably have one in your garage right now with a backup ball on the way. Before you stock your shelf full of PowerBalls, take a look at the latest addition to the Mothers family: Mothers PowerBall Mini. You might be thinking, How much smaller could it be? Try 3 inches in diameter! The PowerBall Mini is a smaller twin of the original polishing wonder tool. It has the same professional grade foam tabs packed tightly in a dense ball and it works with your electric drill. The difference is the PowerBall Mini can go virtually anywhere! Its size allows it to access spaces between wheel spokes and motorcycle components, between the grill slats, around chrome mirror housings, small fog lights, and any other small polishing job. The PowerBall Mini is made of closed cell foam that retains its shape as it polishes. The foam ball can be compressed to fit in tight places but it bounces back to its original shape instantly. The sturdy foam tabs prevent the drill bit and washer inside the ball from coming into contact with the surface being polished. Attached to your electric drill, these tabs deliver constant polishing power to eradicate dullness, stains, scratches, and other blemishes from glass, metal, plastic, fiberglass, and painted surfaces. To make polishing even easier, Mothers PowerBall Mini comes with a 10 inch extension rod. The extensions rugged construction and integrated sleeve give you unparalleled control as you polish. The extension screws securely into the polishing ball and becomes like an extended drill bit; its not awkward or flimsy. Polish deep-set wheels and other concave or recessed areas with incredible ease.Since the PowerBall Mini is perfectly round, it polishes multiple surfaces at once when inserted between spokes or into concave spaces. This saves you time and spares your fingers! When your PowerBall Mini becomes worn, you can easily reverse the ball and continue polishing. Simple unscrew the bit with a 10 mm wrench, free the retaining washer and centering device, and flip the ball. Reassemble the ball and keep polishing! Mothers PowerBall Mini has countless applications. Restore the clarity to plastic headlight lenses, clean and shine diamond plate, polish wheels, clean uncoated motorcycle windscreens, metal pipes, convertible tops, and so much more!! You cant find another polishing tool like the Mothers PowerBall Mini! Its small size and outstanding design make it a necessity for any detailer. Get your hands on Mothers latest innovation now! Ball is 3 inches in diameter. Includes 10 inch extension rod.

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