Mothers High Gloss Tire Shine

It’s no longer necessary to suffer the tradeoff of durability and protection to keep a show-quality shine with Mothers High-Gloss Tire Shine. Formulated using Mothers own exclusive high-gloss, state-of-the-art surface care technology. Mothers High-Gloss Tire Shine provides a long lasting, sling resistant protective coating to keep your tires glowing long after the show. It helps prevent sidewall brownout, and keeps road grime, brake dust and ultraviolet oxidation from hindering your sumptuous shine worthy of praise. 24oz. bottle.


* Exclusive high-gloss, state-of-the-art surface care formula.
* Provides a long lasting, sling resistant protective coating.
* Protects tires against brake dust and ultraviolet oxidation.
* Helps tires resist drying, fading, cracking and sidewall brownout.

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