Meguiars Gold Class Versa-Angle Tire Brush
Meguiar’s Versa-Angle Tire Brush allows you to safely scrub, clean, and brighten your tires. An incredibly versatile bi-directional/reversible brush head gets to all of those hard-to-reach places that regular brushes just can’t do! The outer barrier bristles protect your delicate wheel finish from accidental scratching. Meguiar’s Has Got An Angle. With the introduction of its patented Versa-Angle Technology, Meguiar’s has revolutionized the way today’s vehicles are cleaned and maintained. With the simple flip of the brush head, you can change the andquot;attack angleandquot; from straight to an incredible 45 degrees of deflection. This deflection allows for maximum contact, especially when cleaning the lower portions of your vehicle. An added benefit is the ability to truly clean your wheel surface from a comfortable standing position while the brush head maintains in perfect contact at all time. Versa-Angle Tire Brush Features Protective rubber outer barriers Bi-directional brush head Interchangeable handles Ergonomic grip handles Dual bristle zones

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