Meguiar’s Gold Class Slide Lock Detail Brush
The first fully adjustable detailing brush!andnbsp; Meguiars Detail Brush cleans interior vents and the car wax out of exterior trim with ease. This brush is a andquot;must haveandquot; tool for every serious detailer!andnbsp; This one brush replaces at least two or more brushes in your detailing kit. Slide the collar down to dislodge crumbs from seams. Slide it up to clean air vents. The bristles are only 2×1 so you can easily clean around mirrors and under door handles.andnbsp; This brush has a sliding collar that locks into place either at the top of the bristles or lower down on the bristles. Features: Exclusive positional collar adjusts the flexibility of the bristles to make this brush truly multi-functional Exclusive safety wrapped collar prevents accidental scratching Replace multiple brushes with the Slide Lock Detail Brush Long bristles for vent cleaning Short, for bristles for exterior wax removal Usage Tips: Leave the collar down for long soft bristles, ideal for cleaning inside vents and removing dust from instrument panels Lift the collar up to create stiffer bristles to detail around exterior moldings

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