Meguiar’s 9pc. Gold Class Cleaning and Brush Kit
A 9pc collection of premium quality Meguiar’s products that deliver. Meguiar’s Gold Class Cleaning andamp; Detailing Kit includes: MEGX-1020 Versa-Angle Wheel Face Brush MEGX-1040 Versa-Angle Wide Body Brush MEGX-1120 Slide Lock Detail Brush MEGX-3060 Microfiber Quick Detail Pad MEGX-3070 Hi-Tech Foam Applicator Pad MEGG-9524 24oz Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner MEGG-13724 24oz Gold Class Quick Detailer Mist andamp; Wipe MEGG-7116 16oz Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo andamp; Conditioner MEGG-7016 Gold Class Clear Coat Liquid Wax REVOLUTIONARY. PATENTED. STRONG. Allows a remarkably fast and easy detachment and re-attachment of all Meguiar’s brush handles Swap handles and re-attach with multiple Meguiar’s handle / head combinations Longer handles allow for quicker cleaning of your vehicle Incredibly durable, sturdy and versatile BENDING.andnbsp; REACHING.andnbsp; CONTOURING. Revolutionary quick release allows the handle to be removed from the head and rotated for easier cleaning Clean a 45 degree cleaning advantage with a simple flip of the brush head Reach tough-to-get-to places without having to bend over Clean the hood and then flip the brush head and clean the bumper, without having to change brushes GENTLE. EFFECTIVE. SAFE Incredible soft bristles for quicker, gentler, scratch free cleaning Wheel Face Brush The bristles are angled to easily clean intricate wheels Quickly clean wheels to look new again Scrup tough road grime, dirt and brake dust off your wheels Body Brush Super soft bristles will not scratch the softest of painted surfaces Quickly clean Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, Motor homes and Boats Brush head reverses to fit every contour ADAPTABILITY.andnbsp; CHOICE. Superior ergonomics in the handle and brush head provide optimal balance, comfort and control Provides the ability to interchange all Meguiar’s Gold Class brush heads and handles

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