Laitner Grip-It Power Brush

Introducing the brand new Grip-It Power Brush, exclusively from Laitner Brush Company!

For years, people have been asking for a better way to clean wheels. Well here it is, the Grip-It Power Brush! The Power Brush is the best way to clean every surface, nook and cranny of today’s stock or aftermarket wheels with no harsh chemicals needed. The Grip-It Power Brush delivers professional results time after time with over 20,000 super soft and durable dirt gripping bristles that are safe on all wheel surfaces. The Power Brush also features a unique Powerful-Cleaning Tip specially designed to clean around lug nuts and other hard to reach areas. With it’s super fast dirt gripping action, the Power Brush can clean a set of wheels in just minutes! The Grip-It Power Brush works with any cordless drill or inline screwdriver between 150-450 RPM’s. The Power Brush is very easy to use, easy to clean. The sturdy clamshell packaging is ideal to protect the Grip-It Power Brush during storage and when not in use.


* Best Way To Clean Every Surface, Nook and Cranny Of Today’s OE or Aftermarket Wheels
* Super Fast Dirt Gripping Action, Clean a Set of Wheels In Just Minutes
* Over 20,000 Super Soft and Durable Dirt Gripping Bristle
* Works With Any Cordless Drill or Inline Screwdriver Between 150-450 RPM’s
* Sturdy Clamshell Packaging To Protect Brush During Storage and When Not In Use

Powerful Cleaning Tip:

* The Grip-It Power Brush also features a unique Powerful-Cleaning Tip that is specially designed to clean dirt, grime, grease and brake dust around lug nuts and other hard to reach areas of the wheel.
* Also works on: Tail Lights, Head Lights, Grills, Bumpers and Mirrors.
* Safe to use on Aluminum, Billet and Chrome.

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