How To Build A Small Block Chevy

This book will show you everything you need to know on how to build a small block Chevy in your own garage for the street. Chapters show you how to assess and choose an engine for rebuilding; how to tear it down and inspect it; and how to decide what needs to be done, whether you plan a basic restoration or a performance build. If you need specialized machine work, learn how to find a good machine shop and what questions to ask the machinist.

The book also shows what the machine shop does, as it applies to what you must know to make the right decisions when dealing with a machine shop. It even includes information on how to get the best street performance on a reasonable budget, including what engine to start with, what parts to buy, and what combinations work best. Great tips show you where to spend your money to get the best deal. By MBI Publishing Company.

* 192 Pages / 350 Color Illustrations
* Book Format: Softbound
* Author: Jim Richardson

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