Hella FF200 Halogen H3 Driving Lamp Kit


Modern Free Form (FF) lighting technology is the result of a highly sophisticated computer-assisted design system that perfectly coordinates the shape of the reflector with the light source, thus producing the most efficient possible light output. The fog lamp illuminates the roadway over a broad area without dazzling oncoming traffic, while the driving lamp produces a far-reaching, accurately directed light.

Hella’s FF200 Driving Lamp Kit features an improved Fast-Fit mounting system, a paintable ABS housing and now featuring a metal bracket for excellent durability. Fast-Fit makes installing quick and easy on molded bumpers, air dams, or brush guards. Aiming is a breeze, and the system maintains an extremely tight grip on the lamp to keep beam placement accurate. Fast-Fit mounts lamps with a single nut and bolt or two molly bolts for tight spots or limited-access areas.

FF200 Kit Includes:

* 2 lamps.
* 2 H3 12V 55W halogen bulbs.
* Fast-Fit mounting system.
* Color-Coded wiring harness and fused 12V relay.
* 2 stone shields.
* Easy-to-follow installation instructions.


* Bulbs: 55 Watts
* Bulb Number: H3
* Volts: 12V
* Housing Color: Gray ABS Plastic
* Lens Material: Glass
* Lamp Dimensions: 5″H x 5-5/8″ W x 3″ D
* Lamp + Bracket Dimensions: 6″H x 5-5/8″ W x 3″ D

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