Hella 450 High Performance Auxiliary Driving and Fog Light Kits


Compact size with Hella performance. High impact, black ABS housing. Aluminum vapor-coated reflector. Upright or pendant single stud mounting. Choose from the Driving Light Kit or The Fog Light Kit.
Both kits have everything it takes to be Hella – World-Class Quality, brilliant performance, and off-road durability. Night driving requires extra concentration and increases eye strain and driver fatigue. While standard headlights are adequate for cities and well lit areas, they do not provide the lighting power needed for long distances and higher speeds, or rural highways and poorly lit roads.

Hella Lamps provide a much brighter and evenly distributed light. This sharply increases long range visibility, especially at dusk and dawn when vision is severely reduced. The beam pattern also help drivers to see obstacles and road hazards earlier, so there is more time to react safely.

Kit Includes:

* 2 Model 450 Lamps.
* 2 H3 12V 55W halogen bulbs.
* Illuminated rocker switch.
* Color-Coded wiring harness and fused 12V relay.
* 2 stone shields.
* Easy-to-follow installation instructions.


* Bulbs: 55 Watts
* Bulb Number: H3
* Volts: 12V
* Housing Color: Black
* Lens Material: Glass
* Dimensions: 4 13/32″ H x 6 1/4″ W x 2 1/3″ D

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