Gliptone Professional Automotive Leather Care Kit
The Gliptone Liquid Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Products have been designed to safely restore and maintain all types of leather to a rich, luxurious suppleness, unmatched by any other products on the market. The products in the kit are made from a unique blend of all natural ingredients that combine to offer a PH neutral, safe and effective treatment for all types of leather surfaces. An additional benefit associated with the Gliptone brand of Liquid Leather and Conditioner is that these products will also restore that fresh new leather essence back into the surface, leaving your leather looking and smelling like new! Kit Includes: 1-Leather Cleaner 8oz. 1-Leather Conditioner 8oz. 1-Glipstick Pen/Stain Remover 1oz. 3-Applicator Sponges 1-Leather Care Guide

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