Gliptone Paint Sealant w/ Dupont Zonyl 10.5 Oz.
The Gliptone Platinum Series Paint Sealant was developed for new car finishes or well maintained older paint finishes. This custom formula combines only the finest ingredients that Gliptone users have come to expect with the barrier protection of Dupont Zonyl (formerly known as Teflon) and other high tech polymers. This combination creates a innon-stickin finish that repels acid rain, insects, tree sap, and other contaminants keeping your vehicle in showroom condition! Gliptone Platinum Series Paint Sealant represents state-of-the-art car care technology! Forms a innon-stickin barrier to guard against nature’s harmful elements Detergent and acid rain resistant Outlasts conventional waxes and exhibits exceptional depth of gloss Non-abrasive — requires no hard-rubbing! Can be used on all paint finishes!

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