Gliptone Clear Coat Liquid Car Wax (16 oz.) — Step 3
The unique composition of gloss enhancers and curable polymers, seals your Clearcoat with a durable coating of deep gloss protection, unmatched by conventional wax products. When applied to a clean surface, this product is easy to use and bonds to your clear coat finish to produce excellent shine and protection. VOC Compliant. Specially formulated for clear coat vehicles. Non-abrasive formula with Clirilium cleans and polishes all clear coat finishes to a deep, rich gloss. Provides a long-lasting protection in a wax that’s easy to apply, and easy to remove. Optional: Following STEP-3, apply and remove a thin coat of the GT0110 Carnauba paste wax. This step will deepen the gloss even further while adding more protection. The Carnauba wax will not interfere with the bond that has been created by the Clearcoat polish. The Carnauba wax forms a very durable, top-coat of protection. 16 oz. container

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