Garage Pulley Shelf System

The Garage Pulley Shelf System By On The Edge Marketing is the best option when it comes to overhead garage storage systems. The Shelf System will provide much needed garage space by keeping your valuables out of the way and off the garage floor. You can hoist items up to 12 feet above the floor and have the lifting capacity up to 250 lbs! Raising and lowering the platform by using a simple hand-crank to make access easy and ladder-free. Made of durable heavy duty steel platform and powder coated in black. Start utilizing your garage floor space with the Garage Pulley Shelf System By On The Edge Marketing.


* Hoist Items Up To 12 Feet Above The Floor
* Durable Heavy Duty Steel Platform
* Raised and Lowered Using a Hand-Crank
* Easy Access and Ladder-Free
* Black Powder Coat Color
* 250 lbs Lifting Capacity
* Dimensions: 48″ L x 48″ D

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