Fram HP1 Racing Oil Filter
For vehicles that use a Fram PH8A/PH16*/PH43* oil filter. FRAM Racing oil filters are designed to meet the standards of racing mechanics, engine builders and racing enthusiasts everywhere. The FRAM Racing oil filter is formulated to provide superior high performance engine protection. Built to Last What is the ideal design for a racing filter? We asked the pros and got this wish list for product features. 1. High flow rate, 2. Practically zero restriction and 3. High dirt stopping ability. Well, our engineers came back with the FRAM RACING oil filter. This design was track-tested to meet these requirements and those of our own filter engineers including many competitive racers. High Oil Flow Rate The oil film, or wedge, is the only element separating racing engine components that are moving at extremely high speeds. A high oil flow rate and high oil pressure are essential to deliver the flow volume necessary to maintain the oil film between moving metal surfaces. For this reason, the low restriction racing media of the FRAM RACING filter was designed for high oil flow. Low Restriction Ideally, racers would like zero restriction, but that is not possible. Oil flow encounters some restriction even as it moves through all engine passages. To create the smallest amount of restriction, the FRAM RACING filter utilizes up to three times the media used in passenger car oil filters for absolute minimum pressure drop with no sacrifice in filtering ability. Heavy-duty steel resists high pressure surges and external impact Low-restriction racing media designed for high oil flow Spiral-shaped centertube to provide protection against collapse Heavy gauge steel tapping plate to withstand high pressure flexing Screen-over bypass valve provides more protection against larger contaminants Relief valve developed uniquely for high oil flow racing conditions The FRAM HP1 Racing oil filter fits these applications: 1960-1972 Chrysler family 6 cyl. 1963-1972 Chrysler family V-8A 1958-1972 Chrysler family V-8B Late 1958-1988 Ford Family

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