First Defense Do-It-Yourself Alarm System Kit
inThe First Alarm Designed to Protect You AND Your Car!andquot; The DesignTech First Defense security system features a panic alarm, remote headlight control, CarFinder and an Anti-Carjacking feature to keep you safe. Use the panic alarm to draw attention to your situation and call for help in an unsafe situation, while scaring away thieves. The remote headlight control feature will turn on your headlights to light the way to your car at night, so you don’t have to walk in dark and poorly-lit areas like many parking lots and garages. A fully adjustable, 8-stage shock sensing alarm allows you to adjust the sensor from feather light to rock hard sensitivity by remote control. A light tap will send a 3-second pulse while an strong impact or window break will trigger the full alarm. Protects you: Panic alarm lets you call for help in unsafe situations Remote headlight control lights the way to your car at night CarFinder helps you to find your car in large parking lots or crowded areas Anti-carjacking feature Protects your car: Starter kill Built-in 8-stage shock sensing alarm. Full control of the shock sensor allows adjustment from feather light to rock hard sensitivity simply by remote control. No more going back to the installer just to adjust the shock sensor. If the car is lightly tapped, First Defense sends a 3-second pulse. If someone hits the car or breaks a window, the full alarm is triggered. Two Year Limited Warranty. Made in the USA.

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